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BIC ACE-TEC Performer Stand-Up Paddleboard Package, 11'6"

Item #: TA305267

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Product Details

The 11'6" Performer Stand-Up Paddleboard has a stable, efficient design—a great choice for SUP beginners looking to ride their first waves. Package includes SUP, carbon-fiber-blend shaft paddle and calf coil leash—a savings of $178.95.



  • Dimensions: 11'6"L x 32.5"W x 4.75"D.
  • Weight: 30 lb.
  • Capacity: Up to 240 lb.
  • Volume: 215 L.


  • Length: 67" to 83" (170 cm to 210 cm).
  • Blade: 17.5"L x 8.5"W.


  • Board made of composite polystyrene core covered with fiberglass/epoxy.
  • Thermoformed finish coat creates a lightweight board that is rigid and highly impact-resistant.
  • Premium diamond groove deck pad for sure-footed traction while surfing.
  • Deck has an integrated carry handle and two tie-down points.
  • Durable, lightweight paddle shaft is made of 50% composite carbon fiber with a T-grip handle.
  • Paddle has a large fiberglass blade, perfect for all-around paddling.
  • Coil leash features a detachable rail saver, a swivel and a molded stand-off on the ankle strap.

Additional Features

  • Efficient board shape is excellent for flatwater touring and beginner surfing.
  • Board has 10" center fin and two side bite fins for stability.
  • Paddle blade is angled at 10.5 degrees for excellent versatility.
  • Roomy enough to add a pet, small child, or extra gear in flatwater conditions.
  • A leash is always recommended when paddling a SUP, keeping your board close if you fall off.
  • Leash recommended for use on flat water only. Not recommended for use while surfing.
  • Imported.

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