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Return Instructions
Lattice Stovetop Steamer

  1. Please place the Lattice Stovetop Steamer in any convenient shipping container and return it by mail to the address below. Please print and fill out the address form below and enclose it with the steamer when you make your return. We will refund your postage cost.
  2. For any assistance in making the return, please call a specialist in our Customer Service department at 800-555-9717. We can arrange for a FedEx® pickup of your steamer, send you a package for shipping and/or send you an address label that will pay for postage.

Please print, complete and enclose this form with the Lattice Stovetop Steamer (YW33 & C376) when you return it to L.L.Bean. You may also simply write this information on a sheet of paper you enclose with the steamer; for efficient processing of your return, please write "Steamer Recall" at the top of the sheet.

Your name:
Mailing address:
Telephone number:
If this was a gift, please provide the name and address of the person who purchased this item from L.L.Bean.
Mailing address:
Telephone number:

What resolution would you prefer?
  •  Gift Card
  •  Credit the credit card used to make purchase
  •  Refund Check

Please send Lattice Stovetop Steamer to:


If you require further assistance, please contact us anytime at 800-555-9717.