Easy Care
Hypo-allergenic and easy to maintain. Machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle and tumble dry. Remove promptly to ensure maximum loft. Be sure to read the care label of your specific garment to protect other construction fabrics.

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Developed for the U.S. military for use in clothing and sleeping bags, Primaloft is a down-like insulation that mimics the lightweight compressibility and warmth of down but continues to insulate even when wet. Its soft, supple hand drapes comfortably for active wear.

Warm—ounce for ounce as warm as down
Primaloft microfibers are similar in size and shape to down, resulting in nearly equal insulating performance when dry and even better when wet. Because its individual fibers are water repellent, Primaloft retains much of its ability to keep you warm, even when outside moisture has soaked through.

Compressible—easy to pack
Similar to the structure of down with incredible softness, Primaloft is highly compressible and easy to stuff. Its resilient fibers are quick to regain their loft to provide uncompromised insulation.

Soft—comfortable and supple
Primaloft insulation is soft and supple like down, making it an excellent choice for active outerwear. It allows unrestricted movement and its light weight makes it comfortable for extended wear.