L.L.Bean and Friends of Acadia—Preserving the Beauty of Acadia National Park

L.L.Bean and Friends of Acadia. Protecting the future of Acadia National Park. A beautiful view from the park loop road.

Friends of Acadia

Friends of Acadia was formed by residents and volunteers to promote philanthropy and maintain Acadia's beauty over time. Since 2002, L.L.Bean has contributed more than $3.25 million to Friends of Acadia to protect and preserve the park through youth education programs and the propane-powered Island Explorer bus system.

This network of 30 ecofriendly buses, the Island Explorer system, provides free, alternative transportation within the park and in local communities, in an effort to reduce traffic and resultant pollutants.

The ISLAND EXPLORER buses have carried 4,977,846 passengers, eliminated 26.7 tons of pollutants and reduced almost 17,426 tons of greenhouse gases.A family prepares to board a bus on their Acadian adventure.A line of Island Explorer buses, supported by donations from L.L.Bean.A bus carries its happy passengers on the ocean park loop in Acadia National Park."Much gratitude for keeping the island more relaxed and less congested." Island Explorer passenger, ME"This is great, incredibly convenient for hiking." Island Explorer passenger, ME