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Turbo Transit Pack

Our biggest, toughest backpack has a spot for everything a student needs in class and after school, with a special bottom compartment to keep things like shoes, uniforms and gear separate from coursework.


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The Turbo Transit backpack – our biggest, toughest backpack – is designed for students ages 13 and up.

This pack's two large binder-sized main compartments and a front pocket with organizer panel zip open wide so every item can be found easily – which is a great thing, because a lot will fit in this pack. The special shoe/uniform compartment at the base and stretch cord outside separate bulky after-school gear and clothing from books, and an audio cord port and storage sleeve keep a phone or MP3 player close at hand. The padded back panel and shoulder straps distribute heavy loads evenly and comfortably.

This pack can serve as a filing cabinet and a gym locker with room to spare – and because it's from L.L.Bean, you can be confident it's built to last. Guaranteed.