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DownTek Technology

DownTek™ technology makes damp down a thing of the past, helping it dry quickly to stay warm and lofty.


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Comfort Ranges

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Camp Bags

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Snowfield Jackets and Parkas

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Top Ten Bike Helmet Tips

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DownTek™ Technology

Down is one of nature's lightest, most efficient insulators, but it's always had one weak spot – if it gets wet, down loses its ability to insulate, and it takes a long time to dry out afterward.

DownTek makes damp down a thing of the past. When this microthin polymer is applied to down clusters, they absorb 33 percent less moisture and dry 66 percent faster.

With DownTek, down stays dry and lofty, so it can trap heat and provide that legendary down warmth, even in wet conditions.