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Fly Rod & Reel Outfits

Our Fly Rod & Reel Outfits are a great value , and they're designed so all the components work together, guaranteeing you a smooth, consistent cast every time.


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Fly Rod & Reel Outfits

I'm Van Blauvelt, a fly-fishing product specialist here at L.L.Bean. I'm going to talk to you about the components that go into a fly-fishing outfit and show you how they all fit together to help you cast efficiently.

The fly rod is the most important part of the outfit. It's designed to cast the fly line, which, in turn, delivers the fly to your target. The size of a fly rod is measured in both length of the rod and line weight. Choose the right size for you based on your location, conditions and species of fish you're after. Most modern fly rods like this Streamlight Ultra are made of strong, flexible, lightweight graphite material, which is delicate enough to land a pinpoint presentation on a trout sipping mayflies on the surface of a glassy pool, yet powerful enough for a longer cast across the river.

The fly reel is designed to hold the fly line and provide drag, or resistance, as the fish takes the fly and pulls line from the reel. Fly reels are most commonly made from aluminum, for an optimal strength-to-weight ratio.

Your rod-and-reel choice will depend, in large part, on the weight of the fly line, which you'll choose based on the type of fish you're after and the size of fly you want to cast. Typically, a midweight line for trout and freshwater fishing, 5 or 6 weight, and a heavier line, like an 8, 9 or 10 weight, for large salmon and saltwater fishing.

Most fly-casters will use a floating line – that is, the line floats on the water. Advanced casters might choose a sinking line for certain situations, like deep-water casting.

Attached to the reel is a section of braided line called backing that extends the line in case you're fighting a pretty spectacular fish and need more than the standard 80 to 100 feet of fly line. At the other end, the leader is the invisible attachment between fly line and fly. The leader is tapered to help it unfurl completely during the cast, so it's fully extended when the fly lands on the water.

When you order an L.L.Bean outfit, the line, backing and leader all come preloaded on the reel. Just tie on a fly and you're ready to go. Our experts have put together these outfits so you can be confident you have just the right gear, whether you're new to fly fishing or you've been casting for years.

Our outfits are a great value and are designed so all the components work together, guaranteeing you a smooth, consistent cast every time. Just add flies, fish and a little luck.