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L.L.Bean's Trailblazers - Athletes sharing a love for the great outdoors

Bean Trailblazers is a special group of elite athletes who - thanks to their hard work and dedication - get to spend their time outdoors, doing what they love. They truly demonstrate the benefits of a life lived outside and inspire us to follow their lead.
Lea Davison

When Lea Davison realized that she could make mountain biking her career, she focused on riding and never looked back. "I love my job," she told an interviewer last year. She's also very good at it. Lea is the top woman mountain bike racer in the US and represented the USA in the 2012 Summer Games in London. The team was the most successful women's mountain biking team in US history. [+ FULL STORY]

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Ted King

Ted King believes that the simplicity of competitive cycling makes it entirely comprehensible worldwide. "Pedal hard and first guy across the line wins," is his boiled-down description of the sport. Ted "got it" when he was a freshman at Middlebury college in Vermont. After watching his older brother Robbie win the 2002 National Collegiate Road Championship he decided to devote himself to competing on two wheels. [+ FULL STORY]

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Sylvan Ellefson

A little over 10 years ago, Sylvan Ellefson stepped into his first pair of Nordic skis. Since then he has been dedicated to excellence in the competitive arena of cross-country skiing. His natural talent and positive attitude propelled him to the level of an elite athlete, consistently ranking in the top 10 in the US. In 2013, he stood on the podium as a National Champion in the 30K Mass Freestyle. [+ FULL STORY]

Sylvan making fresh tracks.
Seth Wescott

Seth Wescott has been the "Boss of the Cross" for over a decade. His trophy case is filled with honors from X Games, FIS World Championships and two Gold Medals. Each spring he rides big mountain lines in remote regions of Alaska. In the off-season, Seth works with kids near his home mountain, Sugarloaf, in Maine.

"Believe in Yourself. You can Make It Happen." Seth Wescott.
L.L.Bean Design and Testing Partner, Seth Wescott.
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Kikkan Randall

A three-time World Cup overall sprint winner and the most successful Nordic skier in US history, Kikkan is at the top of her sport. She's also a founding ambassador for Fast & Female, an outreach program designed to empower young women through staying active and making healthy choices.

"Don't Take a Single Day for Granted" Kikkan Randall.
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