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L.L.Bean and the Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park Partnership
A BROWN BOOT. A GREEN WALL. A GREAT MATCH. L.L.Bean and Fenway Park are working together to provide an enjoyable outdoor experience for sportsmen and sports fans alike.
The One of a Kind Boot For a One of A Kind Season 
These extremely limited-edition boots were designed and sized specifically for the 2013 World Champion Red Sox team and staff by our expert boot-builders in Brunswick, Maine.
THE ONE FUND BOSTON TOTE. Crafted from the rain tarp used to protect Fenway Park's infield during its 100th anniversary. 100% of the profits of this bag went to benefit the One Fund Boston.

Along with his great love of the outdoors, our founder L.L. Bean was also known for his passion for baseball and the Boston Red Sox. Perhaps it's only fitting then that through this partnership, the L.L.Bean tarp
will protect the Fenway infield during rain delays and L.L.'s name will continue to play a part in
Red Sox tradition. After all, the two organizations have a lot in common. They both boast a rich
history of great tales and traditions. They've demonstrated an unyielding commitment to the quality
and excellence of their product. And perhaps most important, they share an unwavering
dedication to keeping their customers happy.

Thanks to the partnership between these two iconic organizations, our fans can continue to enjoy exciting events, special programs and the chance to win great Red Sox prizes.

Congratulations Boston Red Sox! 2013 World Champions


L.L.Bean – 1912

  • L.L. worked out of his brother's basement
  • L.L.Bean Boots sold: 100
  • Catalog circulation: 1000

L.L.Bean – 2013

  • Currently, there are 115 L.L.Bean stores worldwide
  • L.L.Bean boots sold: nearly 400,000 (in 2012)
  • Catalog Circulation: more than 200 million

Fenway Park – 1912

  • Average ticket price: from 25¢ to $1
  • Average ballplayer salary: $3000
  • Cost to build: $650,000

Fenway Park – 2013

  • Average Ticket Price: $53.38
  • Average ballplayer salary: $3.1 million
  • Estimated value: over $100 million


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