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Kikkan Randall – L.L.Bean Testing and Design Partner

  • Randall, the most decorated cross-country skier in US history, teams up with L.L.Bean to become a design and testing partner. Watch a video about Kikkan Randall and L.L.Bean. Kikkan Randall: The Most Decorated Cross-Country Ski Racer in US History. L.L.Bean's newest design and testing partner.
About Kikkan Randall, her many cross-country ski racing titles and passion for the outdoors.

Kikkan Randall has a lot of titles on her resume: Fastest Woman in Alaska on Skis (at 74.14 mph); USSA Cross-Country Skier of the Year (2008, 2009, 2010); Most Successful U.S. Cross-Country Skier in History; and First World Cup Victory for an American Woman in Cross-Country. We're happy to add one more title – L.L.Bean Testing and Design Partner.

Kikkan will work with our product development teams, providing valuable feedback and advice that will help us create world-class products. As the 2013 World Champion, ten-time World Cup victor and whopping 17-time U.S. National Champion, she's able to give us a perspective that nobody else can. [+ FULL STORY]

Keep Up with Kikkan
Check out the custom L.L.Bean Boots we made for Kikkan Randall and the Women's US Cross-Country Ski Team, plus keep up the on latest news.


Kikkan is one-of-a-kind and so are these L.L.Bean Boots, with her signature “K” in pink. She liked them so much, she asked us to make special boots for the entire Women's Cross-Country Ski Team USA to celebrate their participation in the Sochi Winter Games.

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Get the latest news on her travels, competitions and life as America's leading lady of cross-country skiing.




Kikkan Randall's Philosophy

A Powerhouse in Pink

She calls herself “Kikkanimal”. Her blonde hair is streaked with pink, and she's got a smile that lights up a room. But don't underestimate this fun-loving young woman. She can ski over 70 miles an hour and does chin-ups wearing a 45 pound weight belt. Her drive has made her one of the top cross-country ski racers in the world and the most accomplished in US history.[+ FULL STORY]

Get to know Kikkan Randall, her history and belief that everyone can make their dreams come true.
Kikkan Randall's Trophy Case
  • World Championship
  • 2009 Silver, Individual Sprint
  • 2013 Gold, Team Sprint
  • 13 World Cup Victories
  • Including:
  • 2012 Sprint World Cup Champion
  • 2013 Sprint World Cup Champion
  • 2014 Sprint World Cup Champion
  • 17 US National Championships
  • Including:
  • 2012 First Place Sprint
  • 2013 First Place Sprint
  • American Firsts
  • First World Cup Women's Podium
  • First World Cup Women's Victory
  • First World Championships Women's Gold Medal
  • First Olympic Women's Top Ten
  • First World Cup Overall Women's Discipline Leader
  • First World Cup Overall Sprint Champion
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